So hungry, So thirsty

San Francisco has some real dining and drinking highlights. I have with Tanya and Dan's help, dined and drunk my way around a selection of venues, some outstanding, some not and some just plain fun.

The City Beer Store is one of the fun ones. It's a bottle shop selling only beer. Yeah, only several hundred different kinds... Oh and you can linger instore and drink your amber investments right there and then!

Sugar Cafe is a swanky Internet cafe/bar... Worst. Cappuccino. Ever.

Revolution Cafe is a live music venue. Filled with hipsters, it's very cool. Cheap but satisfying sangria.

Berettas is also aimed squarely at the way too cool. We arrived for supper and were immediately seated in the uncool section, out of sight of patrons, passers-by and the attractive staff. Luckily, I am cool about not being identified as cool. And they served very good food!

Bourbon and Branch is a recreation of a speakeasy. It's so cool that it does not publish or advertise its location. The sign out the front is for a completely different business and you need to know a password to get in. Cocktails are plentiful, delicious and reasonably priced! I don't remember how I got home that evening..

Brainwash is a combination laundromat and cafe. Go figure. No surprise all the fixies parked out front.

The cafe inside Google's San Francisco office is filled with the geek. The food is pretty good; the apple juice, the best ever.

Boulettes Larder
has a table fancy table right in the kitchen, and a dog so hairy that you just cannot tell which end is which and outstanding carrot soup.

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