Last week, I went to the London Science Museum. They have all sorts of cool things; first steam engine, first train, first computers and unexpectedly, a fantastic collection of Klein Bottles. Check out the pics in my Gallery.

Of course there are other oddities:

Ahhhh Vienna!

How's that for slack? My excuse is that I have been busy doing rather than reporting, So I promise to post some updates in short order.

I am in Vienna now, a city where I spent some of my childhood, but have not managed to visit as often as I would like since. It's 30c in the late afternoon and not a cloud in the sky. Herrrlich!

I spent last week in London catching up with friends, friends of friends and the like new and old. Highlights included cocktails at Scooterworks, Shopping for cheese with Sally my Ex Future Sister In Law at the Borough Markets, Museums and galleries, and a bath. More on that later.

Edit 20080530: Have updated my Gallery with lots of pics from the UK.


The Winner is ...Sydney!

I should add a big thanks to Fiona and Andrew for launching me off at the begining of this trek.

Good Egg

Thanks Baz and Sarah, for the breakfast.

I'm gonna eat you little fishy

After our ramble through the country full of beer, Richard made us fish pie for dinner.

(NB: Remember to take the spuds out of the water next time.)


Lucy, Richard's wife works for the National Trust. She manages Coughton Court in Warwickshire.

A great spot to explore on a balmy Saturday afternoon.


Like so many tourists, I made Birmingham my first stop in the UK. I'm staying with my friend Richard and his Lucy. I have been told several times over the last days that I have succeeded in bringing antipodean weather with me, and so we had a barbequeue.

It's been a lovely 25c and mostly sunny. Just the thing for enjoying curry goatburgers and ginger beer with rum...


Viva Macau

Hi Everybody!

After a healthy dose of work and bureaucracy at the DMR, I quit my job and headed overseas. First stop: The historical Portuguese colony of Macau.

What a place! The first and the last European outpost in China, it now has a population of 500,000 and services about 20 million tourists each year. More casinos turning over more money than Las Vegas. I arrived on Sunday night and went for a walk through the downtown and the flashing lights and neon alleyways.

You will find my gallery of highlights here.

Highlights of my highlights included visiting the Venetian - a 3000 room hotel complete with faux canals and genuine singing gondoliers, The old school Casinos in the vicinity of Senado Square and of course the old colonial area itself. It's an albeit clich├ęd fusion of east and west I'm looking forward to visiting again armed with a better map and perhaps a bicycle.