A 10 Hit Dice Ancestor

One of the neat things about history is finding connections between the present and the past, for example in the Arms and Armour collection of the Kunsthistorishe Museum, I found this little gem:

This is the armour worn by Duke Ulrich of W├╝rttemberg in the Battle of Muhlberg.

OK, well the duke isn't really a direct ancestor of mine, more so an uncle. However, his father Count Ulrich V of W├╝rttemberg was my great18 grandfather. Good ol' Ulrich V was known as "der Vielgeliebte" - "the much loved" and he had a lot of children including one Kaspar the Bastard, (and thus a brother of the duke) from whom I am descended according to the historians in the family.

You can view more armour, and slicing/thumping weapons in my gallery!

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