Sacher good meal

HAve I made it clear that I like the food here?

Earlier, I had lunch at the Hotel Sacher, which is a fancy hotel in Vienna by the Opera House

Dined in the “Wiener Salon” which is the fancy semi-private dining room (not even a dozen tables) and indulge in a little haute-cuisine Vienna style. I wish I could show you some pictures, but snapping away would have been bad form. Nevertheless imagine a dining room with very high ceilings, lots of white plasterwork and deep blood red silk wall paper on which is hung lots of portraits of royalty and you will get the idea.

For an entree I had a cold almond and milk soup with a small portion of foie gras. It was delicious, filling and yet refreshing at the same time (It’s 30 degrees in the afternoon here and absolutely clear skies). Mum had Gänser Lebertorte, which is a gooseliver mousse formed into a cake. Heavenly!

The stars of the sitting were our main courses, I had Milchkalb, which is milk fed veal. This the classic unweaned and raised indoors baby cow. Not only was it soft and delicious but so incredibly pale you would think it was pork. Mum had a saddle of baby deer which was the softest finest grained red meat I have ever tasted. There were barely any vegetables to speak of, but who cares?

Dessert. We had a plate of assorted chocolate petit fours for dessert and because it’s asparagus season here I had a sorbet to compliment the rich chocolate. Yes, that’s right; asparagus and absinthe sorbet. It was weird, but grew on me with each spoonful. Not too cold and just ever so slightly crunchy. With the bill came a three tier plate of more chocolates.

Gawd I love eating in this town! Between the fine dining that is available and the streetside stands selling sausage, bread and bier I am getting just a little fatter every day...

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