Worst waiter ever.

As much as I have enjoyed the food here, and also the service, I have to say that on the whole, the concept of customer service is not really ingrained in the Austrian way. We had lunch today in a restaurant which featured the worst waiter in the world. Delays, incorrect and forgotten orders were capped off by the following dialogue with another prospective diner:

As we were paying our bill, a young woman asked the waiter if she could look at the the menu. He responded by curtly telling her to wait. After a pause she repeated her request to which he responded by telling her to sit down and he will bring her a menu.

She then explained she just wanted to see what was on offer and he finally said "Look, I'm not here to bring people menus"

And so she left.

A much better experience was our final meal here, at the Cafe Mozart by the opera house. Good service, fine waiters, outstanding cake and very gemütlich atmosphere. You can just sit and watch the world pass by.

What better way to finish up a extended week in Vienna than by having some sausages, wiener art.

In fact I'm posting this entry from a table at the Mozart, overlooking the Albertina gallery, having perused an excellent exhibition of the works of Oskar Kokoschka and lingering over a penultimate coffee and and my last Macanese cigar in this town...

My last coffee will be in about ten minutes at the Cafe Hawelka. Next stop, Germany!

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