I made it there!

Hi Everybody, well I have just spent an intense 12 hours in NYC. Arrived after my flight from Germany tired, but excited. The Gershwin was an easy walk from the Midtown Heliport. I checked into the backpacker dorm and headed out for an exploratory drink. Dodged a thunderstorm by ducking into a bar and stumbled home some indeterminate time much later.

This morning it was exploration on foot again and then take a bus to Washington DC. I highly commend to everyone, Boltbus. Airconditioned (there's a heatwave at the moment), super friendly and funny drivers, have free Wifi and take you from NYC to DC in 4 hours for $20.

Goddammit, I'm bloggin and googletalking (you know who you are) from the bus right now! Love teh tech!

Here is a gallery of my arrival and explorations.

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